The instrumentalists were exemplary in the seemingly unlimited sounds they elicited, with pianist Winston Choi and bass flutist Emma Hospelhorn standouts in their respective parts which ranged from the delicate to the bombastic.
Chicago Classical Review

Photo Credit: Chelsea Ross © 2015

Emma Hospelhorn is a flutist, collaborator, teacher, and composer. She is a member of Ensemble Dal Niente, as well as one half of The Machine Is Neither…, a computer music collaboration with composer Ben Sutherland that pushes the boundaries of live electronics processing through sonic and gestural control (this is to say, she makes awesome sounds happen with a wave of her hand). She also records and performs with a number of rock and pop groups, and her theatrical collaborations include stints with the Neo-Futurists, Lookingglass Theater, and Silk Road Rising. A versatile and magnetic performer, she has performed on stages large and small throughout Europe and the Americas. She is the music director for Bridging Memory Through Music, a therapeutic intervention for patients with dementia and their families.

Emma holds a PhD in Learning Sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where her research focuses on spatial and embodied group learning in musical contexts. She brings a research-based and student-centered perspective to her teaching practice as flute instructor for the Chicago Academy for the Arts and New Trier High School. She also holds degrees from Columbia University and CUNY Queens College, and was a member of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago from 2007-2009.

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